Robotics 2023-24

  • MSHSL sponsored Robotics started in 2012 & Pierz had their first team in 2013. The fastest growing extra-curricular in MN. This year there were more robotics teams in MN than hockey teams. The Northern Lights Regional competition featured 99 teams competing from 5 states for a trip to the State and National competitions.​Teams compete up to 9 times over 3 days individually and as part of an alliance of 3 teams vs. 3 other teams to score the most points. Each year the tasks the robots must complete are different and teams learn the tasks the day of the kickoff event, which is held regionally on the 1st day of the 6 week build season. This year, the main task was to shoot frisbees through openings in a wall for points while other teams play defense to prevent that from happening.Teams are given 6 weeks to design and build their robot based on the specifics given.  They are provided with a kit of basic components and must design, gather and assemble the rest of what they need to build their robot.



    Brian Kahl

  • Rum river tournament