Enroll at Pierz Schools

  • Dear Parents,

    ​Thank you for considering Pierz Schools as a great educational choice for your children. We are proud of our past accomplishments and even more importantly, we are dedicated to pushing ourselves to keep building upon our past successes to make us one of the best schools in the state. Our commitment to improvement is never ending. Our administration and staff take on a philosophy of “What else can we do?”when it comes to creating great experiences for students.

    • We continue to attract great staff who want to work in a school system that is financially strong and do not have to worry about being cut because of seniority even though they are a great teacher.
    • We continue to invest in technology to improve learning and to provide students more opportunities to demonstrate their skills.
    • We continue to upgrade our facilities in our schools and around our campus so students get to experience high quality learning and performance in all activities.
    • We continue to be a services centered school.
      • ​We offer great busing services at no cost.
      • We offer free all day every day Kindergarten to all students.
      • We offer one of the best preschool programs with transportation all year long at very little cost.
    • ​Our activity fees are very low, yet our outcomes and expectations are very high.
    • We have great coaches and advisors across all sports and activities who provide a rewarding experience for students.
    • Our taxes are low. 
    • Our commitment to doing more with less is high.
    • ​We consistently outperform the state average in academic results and activities results even though we spend much less than the state average. ​

    Please feel free to call any time to seek further information about our schools. We are proud to show them off and proud of the support our community has in our schools.

    George Weber
    District 484 Superintendent of Schools