Driver Education

  • Pierz Schools offers Driver Education for students through community education. Students must be 14 years old on the first day of the 30-hour classroom instruction. Students must be 15 years old to take the permit test, either at school or at a local DMV office. Once students have a permit and have completed hours of practice driving with a parent or guardian, students can sign up for Behind the Wheel (BTW). 

    Scheduling the road test is done online on the Department of Public Safety's site 30 days prior to the student's 16th birthday. 

students in classroom
  • 2024 Summer Classes will be offered Monday - Friday, June 3 - June 14 and July 29 - August 9. Classes are offered from 8-11am or noon- 3pm and students must attend all 30 hours. One make up session will be offered each session after it ends if needed.

    Registration will open in the webstore ( March 15. Limit of 20 per class. 

  • The 30-hour classroom course is offered in the summer only. Students can register in late spring of each year. Dates and times will be posted in the school's online webstore.  Each session will offer 11 three-hour sessions. Students need to choose a session where they can attend ten sessions. A student must be at least 14 years old on the first day of class. Classes are held in person at the Pierz High School for Pierz school district students. 

    Students who wish to take the classroom portion during the school year can check with the various driving schools in Brainerd, Sartell, St. Cloud and Mille Lacs. Some of these schools offer various locations and online options. It is best to check the list on the state's website to ensure private driving schools have had their online classes approved before enrolling. 

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  • 2024 Behind the Wheel schedules will be released on March 15. You will pick your schedule when you pay for the course in the webstore. Schedules will consist of three sessions for two hours from either 7:30-9:30 or 9:30-11:30 on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Register in the webstore. (

  • Behind the Wheel (BTW) is a six-hour course where students drive with a certified instructor just prior to their scheduled road test. BTW is completed in three sessions and offered after school and in the summer. Sessions fill quickly and while they take place a few weeks prior to your road test, you should be scheduling these hours months in advance. Students should have the majority of their practice hours completed with a parent or guardian. BTW is not intended to be your introduction to operating a motor vehicle but rather consider the time as an opportunity to practice for the road test.

    Once you are scheduled for behind-the-wheel hours, it is important to note that if you do not show up for any reason, we cannot guarantee make-up hours within a specific window due to the large number of students we schedule. You may be charged an additional fee if the instructor is waiting for you and you do not show up without notice. Do not schedule your road test for the same week you are scheduled for BTW. We reserve the right to reschedule due to instructor illness, road conditions or vehicle use. 

  • The driver's permit can be applied for at the age of 15. This is done by taking the permit test. The permit test is offered at school through community education and appointment times are before or after school. These options can be found in the school's online webstore, ( The fee is $10 for each test. The permit test can also be scheduled at no cost at a local DMV office. 

    Once the test is passed, the student must appear at the DMV with a parent or legal guardian to apply for the permit. This is when the student's picture is taken and they are legally able to drive with another legal driver. The student must present the blue card at the DMV showing proof that they have completed the 30-hour course.

To-do checklist and timeline

    • 14 years old- can take classroom
    • 15 years old- can take permit test
    • 16 years old- can take road test


    1. Register for the classroom portion offered in Pierz in June or July, (close to the student's 15th birthday--can be taken prior to turning 15 but student must be 14).
    2. Register for permit test a few weeks prior to turning 15. Must be 15 to take the permit test. 
    3. Practice driving with permit. Log 40-50 hours. Log sheets are availabe at MN DMV website or various smartphone apps which allow you print the entire log. 
    4. Pay for behind the wheel and schedule six driving hours with the driving instructor, 6-8 months ahead of road test.
    5. Schedule road test 30 days prior to desired date, must be 16 to test. This must be scheduled through the state - call or online*
    6. Drive with instructor to complete behind the wheel 2-4 weeks prior to road test. 
    7. Take (and pass!) road test. 

    *If 18 years old, behind the wheel is not required. 

    *If scheduling a road test for a farm permit, you must call the state at 651-284-1000. It cannot be scheduled online.