Transportation Information

  • Best practices when dropping off, picking up, and parking at Pierz Schools to ensure a safe and timely drop-off and pick up, and clear up confusion on where to park for sports and other activities at the school:
    At Pioneer, the parking lot is divided into two sections--north of the storm water retention area (someday to be native prairie grass and wildflowers to be used as an outdoor classroom!), and south of the retention area. The north section is for staff and buses only. Parents should never drop their students at the ‘main’ doors of the elementary. This ensures the safety of children of parents during busy drop off and pick up times. The south half of the parking lot has the drop off lane where parents can stay in their vehicles and move through the lane, stopping near the middle school doors as their children exit their vehicle. No parking in this lane. Parents can also park in this south lot, walking their children to the new middle school doors. These doors are clearly marked with signage.  Students are picked up at door 20. Students in grades 6-12 may be picked up at the MAC doors. We ask that those picking their students up at the MAC doors park in a spot rather than pulling up in the fire lane.
    Students in grades 7-12 can enter door 7 (behind Healy) or door 3 (front of Healy) starting at 7:30am. Door 3 is the bus drop off point, if you are dropping off as a parent, please pull up to door 2 to avoid the buses. ​The main entrance at the high school is Door 2 where visitors and students coming after the start of the day will need to be buzzed into the building. District offices are also located here; this is also the entrance for most Community Education activities.
    The middle school Athletic Entrance doors are clearly signed on the west side of the school, in the south half of the new parking lot, and create easy access to the track, football fields and tennis courts. These doors will be open during most events to allow parents to park to the west of the new school, attend games or events to the east of school, and use the bathrooms located in that walk-through hallway.  




Transportation Coordinator