• After School Parent Pick Up Procedure for Grades K-5:


    • To eliminate the need for parents to enter the building to pick up their child(ren) after school.
    • To document who is picking up a child after school.

    Every student is assigned to a Remind class based on the first letter of their last name. The Remind app is a free download available for both Android and Apple products.
    To sign up, call the office and get a code to join a Remind class. This will be based on the first letter of your child's last name. When you arrive for the first time, feel free to approach the staff as they exit the building and introduce yourself. You may be asked for your photo ID or to see the Remind app.
    Every family and each parent with children in grades K-5 should download the Remind app and join the class. Even if your child rides the bus, there will come one day that you need to pick them up. You will need to use Remind. If you do not have a smartphone, you will be able to sign out your child via paper and pen. Just ask staff at the end of the day (look for a person holding a clipboard). Parents will not enter the building to meet their child, they will be dismissed (grades 4 and 5) or brought outside by staff (K-3).

    *Changes in the daily departure are still monitored by the office and shared via classroom teacher. Remind is only monitored between 2:50 and 3:30pm. Do not message the Remind account set up by your child's classroom teacher.

    • Parent parks and sends a message to their Remind class

    Here to pick up Child, first name and last name
    Here to pick up John Jones, Mark Jones, Jane Davis

    • Grades K-3; Staff gets notification and walks students outside to meet parent
    • Grades 4 and 5; Staff gets notification and sends students outside to meet parent
    • Grades 6-12; Parents wait in a MAC parking spot for their child(ren), Remind is not used

    It is mandatory that you message Remind. Staff will not release your child prior to receiving the message- this is important documentation replacing the need for you to stand in line and sign a sheet of paper. 

    *All students will be picked up from the south half of the MAC parking lot (West of the new Middle School). Parents may park along the curb or in a parking spot. Students exit door 20. Fifth and Sixth graders exit door 21.