• Early Childhood Family Education

  • These classes are a great way to have fun together with your little ones(s) ages from birth to 5 years.  Classes include songs, stories, fingerplays, art projects, family playtime, and parent discussion with a parent educator.  We believe you are your child's first and most powerful teacher.  We want to help you on that journey!

    Parents and children seated around a rug

    What does a typical ECFE class include?
    Most ECFE classes meet once a week for two hours and include:

    • Parent-Child Activity Time, where families explore a classroom filled with developmentally appropriate play and learning activities planned by a licensed early childhood teacher.
    • Parent Discussion Time, where parents meet with a licensed parent educator to share support, experiences and information about child development and parenting techniques.
    • Child Activity Time, where children learn with the licensed early childhood teacher and paraprofessional to practice social skills as they interact with other children.

    To register, contact Beka Swisher at Mid State Education District at 320-631-2509 or email bswisher@midstate.k12.mn.us. Classes are available on a first-come, first-served basis.       

    • Note that ECFE will NOT meet if the District Schools are not in session on that particular day.
    • Parents can still register even if the classes have started.