Pierz Alternative Program (P.A.P.)

  • What is PAP?

    The Pierz Alternative Program (P.A.P.) is in it's 19th year and typically serves 20-25 students each year. 
    Primary function: to provide supplementary credit (credit recovery) to students who have fallen behind their graduating class in earned credits and have decided to "catch up" and graduate with their class.
    Secondary function: to provide a way for students who left school before graduating to earn the credits required for a high school diploma.

    P.A.P. is open to all students & former students between the ages of 16 and 21 who meet the eligibility requirements.  Students are referred to the Pierz Alternative Program by the High School Counselor.  The referred student meets with the PAP coordinator where PAP guidelines are discussed, and a credit recovery plan is developed.

    Eligibility is ultimately determined by the School Counselor and/or Principal, but typically a student (at least 16 years of age and 21 or under) would have failed a required (Core academic) class twice or has fallen behind in elective credits due to repeating a required class. Exceptional circumstances are considered in determining eligibility.

    Sessions are held 3:30 - 5:00 Mondays and Wednesdays during the regular school year and additionally, as needed. PAP will not meet if school is cancelled or when parent-teacher conferences are scheduled.  Cancellations and extra sessions are announced in the high school's daily bulletin.

    Progress is reported quarterly via mail and is will be accompanied by a calendar of future meeting dates.

PAP Credit Information

  • Credits
    The number of credits that a student may earn depends almost exclusively on the student's engagement, motivation, and desire to progress.  A maximum of eight semester credits can be earned during the school year by attending and completing individualized independent study coursework.
    Independent coursework for core/required academic classes is generally completed via online computer based instruction.  Elective credits may be earned via completion of "packets".   A typical packet represents one unit of instruction.  Generally speaking, 15-17 packets is the equivalent of 1 Credit of academic credit, but this varies depending on the course.   The computer based option may be offered to the student with extensive after school obligations or to the student that learns best using computer based instruction.  However, the PAP coordinator will determine the best plan for credit recovery.
    Both computer based and traditional paper options require a high degree of discipline and self motivation, as these courses are primarily independent study.  However, guidance and academic assistance are available during the after school sessions.

    *Credits earned in PAP may impact a student's eligibility for other Alternative Learning Programs (C.E.C).  Please talk with the School counselor, if this is a potential concern.


    P.A.P students can earn credit in the
    following Courses:
    Basic Math, Consumer Math, Algebra I & II, Geometry,
    Language Arts 9 - 12, Practical English, Composition I and II,
    American History, World History, American Government, Economics, World Cultures and Geography, General Science, Earth Science, Life Science, Biology, Chemistry plus electives in Self-Awareness, Personal Planning, 
    Employability and Career Skills, and Student Service.

    Numerous other courses/ credits are available "online"
    via Compass Learning.

  • ll District 484 programs are available for P.A.P. participants including, but not limited to, guidance counseling, school health services, and career and post secondary education planning and counseling.


    Karrie Boser, Healy HS Principal: kboser@pierzschools.org
    Jill Hoheisel, P.A.P. coordinator: 468-6458 *1427: jhoheisel@pierzschools.org
    Amanda Essen, High School Counselor: aessen@pierzschools.org