1-1 Chromebooks

  • Your guide to policies, usage, forms, FAQs and where to go when you need HELP!


    Students entering fifth grade will be assigned their own Chromebook and will be taking it home for homework. As such, parents have the option to purchase insurance for four years for $75. This covers them until 9th grade when they get a new Chromebook; in 9th grade, renewing insurance for $75 will cover them through graduation. The Signature Form (see below) only has to be filled out once for the entire time they are enrolled at Pierz Schools. This policy agreement form is filled out whether insurance is purchased or not. 

    1. Read the Chromebook Policy and Agreement.​
    2. Complete the Chromebook Policy Signature Form.
    3. If you purchase the optional insurance, all payments can be made online. Insurance rates take into consideration the year/make/model of each grade's Chromebook. If you've paid in the past for multi-year coverage, you are still covered. Students receive a new Chromebook in 5th grade and then again in 9th grade. As such, our optional insurance policy covers 4 years and can be purchased in 5th grade and 9th grade for $75 each time. This can be purchased online here.
    4. If you are unable to pay online, you can pay by cash or check in the District Office. 

    NEW STUDENTS: Optional insurance can be purchased with a check or cash on a yearly basis if you don't fall under the 5th and 9th-grade 4-year cycle. Please see Roxanne Welle at the high school media center or Heidi Thielen at Pioneer Elementary Media center. 

    Q: My screen is broken/ the chromebook is missing screws/doesn't hold a charge/missing keys, etc, etc, etc...What should I do? 
    A: Come on down to the Media Center! Our CSI (computer support interns) students will take a look at it and repair it if they can. We will log the incident and proceed as needed according to your insurance and the policy. Fill out the repair form ASAP. 

    BYOD (Bring Your Own Device): Students have the option to bring their own laptop or Chromebook (no iPads) in lieu of using the district's provided Chromebook. If you would like to choose this option, please read and sign the BYOD Form, making sure your student's device complies with the district technology requirements, fill it out, and return to the district office. Students bringing their own computer/Chromebook will need to bring their device to the media center for inspection on the 1st day of classes. 


Caring for your Chromebook

  • See the video below. Note - when working offline, be sure to have the Google Document that you are working on OPEN when you leave school and LEAVE IT OPEN after you're done working on it at home. Once you come back to wi-fi, it will sync up and save provided you haven't closed the doc or logged into your Chromebook. Steps to turn this function on: Go to your Drive - Settings - Click Work Offline checkbox...

How to Work Offline in Google Docs