MCA, FAST, STAR Testing Information and Data Release

  • MCA

    Minnesota Comprehensive Assessments are required by the MN Department of Education annually.  Data is made public on a schedule determined by the MDE.  Usually this data is made public statewide sometime in the months of July or August in the year of the assessment.  The district uses this data for 3 main reasons:

    1. We assess our overall success on the MCA as compared to our instruction in support of the learning standards in Reading, Mathematics, and Science.

    2. We compare our student success rates to other schools, within and outside of our region of MN.

    3. We set an annual district goal for our success rate on the MCA.

    The Pierz School District Testing Calendar is located here

    More information on MCA testing can be found on the MDE website

    MDE has also provided a helpful document on test preparation for parents and teachers. 

    To opt your student out of MCA Testing, this form must be filled out and returned to your student’s school before the applicable test administration.



    FAST tests are required by our elementary school for all children in grades K-3.  This battery of very short assessments is given school-wide 3 times per year and helps teachers determine which students may need additional support in a more specific reading skill.  Results may be used to place students into small groups for additional support within and outside the general education classroom.  Results are shown to parents at conferences and/or at crucial junctures throughout the school year.  Additionally, some teachers use this data to set their own professional growth goals and some use this data to help students set and track their own goals.



    STAR tests are required by our elementary school for all children in grades 4-6 and are administered 3 times per year.  This assessment battery is used to determine the current level of performance for each student as compared to the MN State Standards.  Teachers use this data to write grade level team and individual teacher goals.  It is also used by teachers to help students set and track their own growth goals for the school year.  STAR has proven to be a predictor of success level on the MCA and teachers also use this data for this purpose.  Teachers share STAR data with students and parents at critical junctures throughout the school year, including P-T conferences.