• 2021-22 Tax Comparison

    Pierz Public School Dist. No 484
                    September 22, 2021
    Property Tax Levy and Rate Summary, Taxes Payable in 2021 and 2022
    Levy News -- At the September 29 board meeting, we provided the initial certification of the school levy.  Pierz District property owners enjoy one of the lowest school tax burdens in our state.  We are proud of that and work to maintain that fact. We fundamentally believe we can deliver great schools at a low cost. That goal takes more work. It takes staff who are willing to do more than their jobs.  But that has been our tradition and we take pride in growing that tradition.  Again, we rely on parents and students to help continue high class outcomes at a rural price.
    The Levy will actually be a flat or slight reduction for most every type of property. The board voted to decrease our school revenue by $42,000 in order to make the dollars work this way.The only way one could experience an increase in the school portion of your tax statement would be because your property jumps to another level.  This is, of course, out of the control of any school officials.  We continue to push our State Legislators to provide equalization aid to support property taxes in a manner that recognizes increasing property values. 
                                                      Tax Comparison Pay 21 to 22 Pierz 09.20.21
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