PRIDE and personal responsibility a focus at Healy

Posted by Pierz Schools on 1/12/2024

Happy New Year Pierz Families!

We welcome our students back this week recharged and ready to finish out the last week or so of our first semester. We thank all of you for your continued communication and partnership in helping Healy to be a thriving learning environment for all of our students.  

Our 2023-24 Focus

We have had two main areas of focus this year in our school: Literacy and PRIDE. Our teachers have been engaging in professional learning around literacy and have been implementing strategies in their classrooms to both engage students at a higher level and to give students the skills they need to learn well wherever they are, whether it be reading a blueprint, analyzing a piece of art, or solving a complex problem.

PRIDE, our other big focus, stands for Perseverance, Respect, Integrity, Discipline(self), and Empathy. We believe these skills will help our students to be successful in their lives in and beyond school, especially in their work, career, and relationships. Our teachers and staff have been asked to embed learning around these virtues, as well as opportunities to reflect on and use these skills in their classrooms.  

Great Things We’re Seeing

Students excelling in arts, academics, and activities.  

Our bands and choirs have had several concerts already this year. The groups have been working very hard and put on excellent performances. Thank you to all the families who have attended to support our students. It is meaningful when the community supports our students’ efforts. Our visual art students have been producing beautiful pieces of art both for class to meet standards and as a way to celebrate holidays. Notably, all students K-12 were a part of a flag project for Veterans’ Day and our 7-12 art students produced ornaments to hang in the hallway for our most recent 9-12 music concert.  

Academically, our students have been working hard to continue the legacy of academic excellence here at Healy. We have a significant number of students participating in concurrent CLC and PSEO classes to earn college credit. All 10th-grade students participated in the PreACT in November. We are so proud of the work that all of our students have put forth this semester to continue to learn and grow in their classes.

So many of our students have been participating in athletics and activities in our school. From football to basketball to gymnastics, FFA, and Spanish Club—our students are challenging themselves to learn, work with others, compete, and pursue activities they enjoy.

Growing our Partnership

Personal Devices

Our school policy this year is that students are to keep their phones and other personal electronic devices in their lockers. Overall, we feel this has been successful so far, with teachers reporting that students are more focused in class. We continue to ask for your partnership in teaching our students the importance and responsibilities of digital citizenship.

As we partner in working with children, we ask that you communicate with our teachers if you have questions or concerns about a specific class. They are committed to helping all students.

Thank you for all that you do and for the support you provide our students and our schools!

—Beth Cooper, 10-12 Principal and Corey Egan, 7-9 Principal