Dropping off high school students in the morning

Posted by Pierz Schools on 9/28/2022

Attention parents dropping students off at the high school in the mornings:
Did you know? Students are to be dropped off near Door 2—not Door 3 where the buses are dropping off. Dropping off at Door 2 (main high school entrance) allows you to be out of the line of buses (safer) and allows buses the ability to go around the cars dropping students off (more efficient).
Students still need to go in Door 3 (yes, they have to walk a little!) not entering Door 2 as those doors are secured during the day and require guests to “buzz in”. Door 3 opens at 7:45.
Students can still also get dropped off behind school at Door 7– no problem! Door 7 opens at 7:30.
And while we have your attention, please pick up students in the MAC parking lot only (Door 22) after school. This keeps all the buses and vehicles separate, resulting in greater safety and efficiency.
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