• Mental Health Services at Pierz Schools

    The administration and staff at Pierz Schools believe in the importance of providing services with whole-child wellness in mind. The district provides counselors, therapists, social workers, and additional mental health services as needed for students and staff. Please bookmark this page for updated information on ways to help your child work through stress, anxiety, or peer pressure, as well as resources around topics like addiction, disorders, depression and suicide prevention. 

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Local Mental Health Resources

  • Northern Pines

    Northern Pines provides two mental health therapists and practitioners on-site: Monique Quistorff and Stephanie Silgjord. 

    Greater MN Family Services

    Mental health therapist Kayla Buffington provides services through Greater Minnesota.

    Feeling and Healing Therapy

    Kayla Gruber, MSE, LPCC, and Nora Poster, LGSW, offer individual, family, and group therapy sessions at a convenient Pierz location at Feeling and Healing Therapy and Counseling, LLC. 


Pierz Schools Counselors and Social Workers