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  • School Health Policy 
    Students exhibiting one or more of the following symptoms should be kept home from school. If symptoms develop during the school day, you will be called to pick up your student/s and they will not be permitted to ride the bus home.  

    1. Temperature over 100.4 degrees F (38 C) - students may return to school when they have been fever free (temperature under 100.0)  for 24 hours WITHOUT the use of medication.
    2. Vomiting - 2 or more episodes of vomiting. Students should be kept home for 24 hours after the last episode of vomiting.
    3. Diarrhea - 2 or more episodes of vomiting. Students should be kept home for 24 after the last episode of diarrhea.
    4.Suspicious rash
    6. Mouth sores accompanied by drooling.
    ​7. COVID Symptoms or a member of the household has tested positive for COVID.

Symptoms Chart

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  • Are you new to our district?
    Do you have young children not yet enrolled in our school?
    It is important that we have your family's information on file so we can stay in touch about your child's education. We partner with Mid-State Education District to provide Early Childhood Screenings. If your child has not been screened, please contact Beka Swisher at 320-631-2509.

    Early Childhood Screening
    Early Childhood Screening is a simple careful check for vision, hearing, development, immunization review and family circumstances that may affect development. It is required by the state for all children for entrance into kindergarten. The program is designed to find problems that can be corrected by early treatment. The screenings are held at Pioneer Elementary School three times a year for children who have turned three in the last quarter. Screenings are generally held in Fall, Winter and Summer. Parents will receive a phone call approximately two weeks before the screening. If you have any questions about this program or a child who is four and has not been screened, please call Robyn Skwira, District Nurse at 468-6458 ext 1245.
    Please email ecs@midstate.k12.mn.us to inquire about an appointment.

    The Alliance for a Healthier Generation provides a smart snack calculator on their website to help students and parents determine if the snacks they are eating are considered healthy.

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