District Vision

  • The School Board and employees of School District 484 work in unity to build an ​​extraordinary learning experience for our children. 

    We pledge to provide quality facilities and instructional practices that provide success in academic achievement and life skills.
    ​We work in partnership with students, parents and community to continue our tradition of success, hard work and respect.

    Pierz Students Will:
    • Read across all curricular areas for comprehension and application of information.
    • Implement critical thinking skills to solve complex problems.
    • Show technology competence through research design and presentation.
    • Demonstrate purposeful and creative communication skills in speeches, writing, projects and performances.
    • Respect all people, all resources and model responsible citizenship.
    • Be accountable for personal performance and embrace the value of self-improvement of mind and body.

    Continuous Improvement

    Since 2002, the Pierz the District has:
    -More than quadrupled the fund balance reserves from where it was in 2002.
    -Designed and prefunded a trust account so future school boards can pay health insurance and retirement benefits for all future retired employees without needing to draw from its annual budget.
    -No reductions in teaching staff, despite lower than cost of living funding from the State for well over a decade.

    Added more teachers to the district in the following positions:  
    -High School Science, Guidance Counselor, Two Special Ed Teachers, Technology Integration, Four Elementary Classroom Teachers, Reading Specialist, and Additional Preschool Teacher.
    -Added an LPN to support child health and med needs and also developed an agreement for full time Mental Health services for children from a local provider.

    The Excellent Pioneer Reputation for Activities is a Terrific Asset to our Communities and Schools.
    -Academic Successes and Strong Activities programs have attracted families to the schools to create a strong and stable student enrollment.

    Technology Investments including: 
    -Exceptional wireless Bandwidth throughout all schools.
    -Student Chromebooks for all children Grades 2-12.
    -ITV Classrooms to add to school offerings.
    -Access to a complete AA Degree without needing to leave to go to a college.
    -A Robotics Team, Speech Team, and Award Winning Musicals have been added to provide all students more opportunities to explore and perform in areas they enjoy.

    Successful Referendums and Low Taxes
    The district has passed strategic successful referendums in 2002, 2004, 2014 and again in 2018 all of them with a very clear and targeted purpose and all of them designed to keep local taxes the lowest in the Region.  The District even designed a special referendum in 2007 that did not provide additional funding to the district, but instead lowered local taxes by more than Half Million Dollars over a five year period in an effort to save money in our communities.

    Added Facilities Improvements include:
    -Update High School kitchen that adds a 2nd serving line, adequate storage and additional cafeteria seating.
    -High quality event gymnasium in 2005-- Voted 2016 Best High School Gym in MN.
    -Additional Middle School gymnasium in 2019.
    -New stage, sound and light systems in 2005. 
    -New High School Science Classroom in 2007 and again in 2016.
    -New Middle School Science Classroom in 2019.
    -New Track and 4 added Tennis Courts in 2003.  
    -Remodel of both Boys and Girls Locker Rooms in 2006 and 2007. 
    -Addition on to Pioneer Elementary School in 2007.
    -Addition of 8 new classrooms that shifts grades into a 5th and 6th grade wing, 3rd and 4th grade wing, K-2nd wing and 
      brings preschool into the building with an early childhood wing in 2019. 
    -Construct Secure Entries in both Schools in 2012. 
    -Five classrooms added for kindergarten to Pioneer Elementary in 2016. 
    -Choir Room, practice rooms, storage and Ensemble Recording Studio in 2016. 
    -Band room, practice rooms and storage in 2019.
    -Fitness Center that includes a large selection of free weights and aerobic machines as well as  large studio/practice space for group activities, like Dance, Biometric Training and a number of other uses. 


    Drinking water testing for lead.

    Pierz Public Schools is committed to providing a safe working and learning environment for our employees and students. In accordance with Minnesota Statute 121A.335, the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH), and the Minnesota Department of Education (MDE), Pierz Public Schools has conducted and continues to conduct lead in drinking water testing. All taps within the district that are used for drinking or cooking are sampled and tested for lead on a five-year cycle beginning in Fiscal Year 2019. You can view a copy of our water testing results at the district business office or on our website. Anyone interested in discussing the district Lead in Drinking Water program or test results can contact Tracey Artner, Business Manager, at 320-468-6458 ext. 1904 or tartner@pierzschools.org.